Monday, April 19, 2010

Thing #19 (Explore the Web 2.0 Awards List)

What is special about the tool? What are its useful parts, especially with regards to Libraries and school? How might you use this tool in your own setting?

Pandora is a free internet radio website. I love it! I listen to music from my computer wherever I can get WiFi service. Since my taste in music is eclectic, I can create stations tailored to my interests and needs. For example, when I want to chill, I listen to music on my New Age station. When I am in a more energetic mode, I listen to my salsa station featuring the music of artists similar to Marc Anthony or Celia Cruz.... AZUCAR!!! What's YOUR listening preference?

I just checked out Wufoo. What a great tool! I could have really used this site to organize my family's potluck dinner during the holidays. I also liked the substitute feedback form and the emergency contact form in the educational section. Libraries andn schools could really use many of these forms and even customize them to meet their specific needs.
Can you think of other ways to use Wufoo?

CitySearch is a site I've used on and off to find dining spots around town. Has anybody found a great restaurant here?

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  1. I use Citysearch all the time when I am looking for a new restaurant to try. I love to read the reviews and I like how you can search by area.

    Pandora is also one of my favorites!