Friday, April 2, 2010

Thing #13 (Learn about tagging and discover Delicious)

Delicious successfully organized and tagged the 148 bookmarks I had in a master list that was NOT organized. By using this website, I can quickly click on a tag and view all of my bookmarks for that topic. At this time I do not want to share my Delicious bookmarks with anyone.
I wish I had used Delicious a few months ago before I lost the bookmarks I had saved in Speed Dial and on my laptop. When I updated Firefox on my computer, I lost many bookmarks for sites I liked. This website makes an excellent backup site so that this doesn't happen again.

Teachers can use this site to provide their students with pre-selected and pre-approved websites for learning. Students can access specific content through the tags from any computer with Internet access. This is a huge advantage for making the list public.

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