Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thing #7 (Cool Google Tools)

I explored a lot of apps available through Google...GoogleEarth, Google Scholar, Google Docs, and apps under "the even more stuff" tab... alerts, dictionary, transliteration, etc...

I figure that one application I could use as a school librarian is Google calendar. I could create a calendar for the library schedule and events, so that teachers or any other interested party could access it from anywhere.


  1. Thanks for mentioning the Google transliteration tool. I had never seen that! Wonder if there is a similar tool for just translating English to Spanish or French or Latin... So easy to use!

  2. Good point to remind us of the things available under the "even more stuff" tab!

    Be sure when you place alink in your blog posts that you make it hot...that is the important interactive part of the 2.0 world! In the case of these urls, you need to hit enter after typing them...yes it adds an extra space, but that can be easily removed after the links become hot.